Our History

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    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School is a Catholic parochial elementary school that is located in north Kenner, within Jefferson Parish, at 4335 Sal Lentini Parkway. Our campus is located on the 9 acres directly behind Divine Mercy Catholic Church.  

    St. Elizabeth was established by the church community of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish and the Archdiocese of New Orleans to serve the community of north Kenner.  When the school opened in August of 1984, it included two half-day PK 4 classes, two full-day Kindergarten classes, and one class each of grades 1 – 4.  The following year, a second first grade class and one fifth grade class were added. Expansion continued in this way until there were two classes of each grade, Kindergarten through eighth grade. In 2011, at the direction of the archdiocese, eighth grade became a part of high school and was eliminated from the parochial elementary schools.  At St. Elizabeth, PK 3 was added in 2008, PK 2 in 2010, and PK 1 in 2018.  Present enrollment is nearly 500 students. 

    When the school was opened, the plant consisted of one building which housed the school, and another building which served as a temporary multi-purpose church facility.  In 1987 two portable buildings were added to house the Kindergarten classes.  In 1989 a new church facility was built, and the former church building then housed the middle school classes along with school and parish administrative offices. 

    In July of 2009, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish was merged with the neighboring Nativity of Our Lord parish to form a new parish community called Divine Mercy. The parishioners continued to worship at the two different sites until the new Divine Mercy church building was completed and dedicated in 2013. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School remains at its original site, while the parish church is several blocks away on Sal Lentini Parkway. The previous church facility building is still used for school masses and other school functions.  In 2010, the former rectory was renovated and now serves as the Early Childhood Center housing PK 1, PK 2, and PK 3. In 2019, the school moved to a new state-of-the-art facility next to Divine Mercy Church.  

    The mission of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School is to educate children in a Christ-centered environment where each child can achieve his/her fullest potential, become a lifelong learner, value service to God and the community, and work cooperatively and independently while serving others.

    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School is the only Catholic school in north Kenner and has been an important asset to the north Kenner Community. Parents, grandparents, and community leaders are actively involved in school life.  The rigorous academic curriculum encourages excellence and fosters the development of each individual’s God-given gifts. Students are provided a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities, which enriches the learning environment and at which students consistently excel. A sense of self-worth, independence, and the spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of all students is fostered at every level. Service to others is an integral part of the school philosophy. This educational environment at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton continues to provide all students a strong foundation for the future.