• Dear SEAS Family,

    We, SEAS Grandparents Club, are excited to announce, we are compiling our first cookbook as a fund raiser. Of course, we want to include your favorite recipes, too! You are included to partake in this fun project of ours.

    We are requesting favorite, homemade recipes from our faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, family and/or friends. Nothing beats an old time recipe.

    DEADLINE for all recipes: Wednesday, March 11, 2020

    Please be sure to submit your recipe(s) BEFORE March 11 to: SEASGPCrecipes@gmail.com 

    We do not want to exclude any!


    Recipe: Strawberry Bread

    From the Kitchen of: Belinda Meliëzer




    *We may have questions. Please include your name and phone number. (Your number will be strictly confidential!)

    *Submit in word format, by Wednesday, March 11, 2020


    *Credit Commercial Recipes* If you are submitting it from a restaurant or a chef's cookbook, the restaurant and his/her cookbook MUST be stated!

    Thank you in advance and for your co-operation! Looking forward to some good cooking!  

    Belinda Meliëzer

    SEAS Grandparents Club