Middle School Curriculum

  • Religion: Our Catholic faith is nurtured and strengthened in Middle School.   Using our patroness, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton as a model, we strive to develop religious practices in the students that will carry them into adulthood.  In addition to the Sadlier religion program, daily prayer, participation in liturgies, an appreciation for scripture, and a solid foundation of Catholic doctrine are all integral components of the children’s education.   Developing our Catholic identity is an important goal.  Students learn about their faith through example, worship, and service.  Service learning activities are integrated across the curriculum.  Each homeroom rotates planning and participating in our school-wide weekly Masses.  Students also participate in Community Service Programs.


    Literature: Reading skills are taught through a literature-based reading text and enriched with supplementary novels.  Comprehension and vocabulary are emphasized.   To reinforce standardized testing, Vocabulary Workshop and Reader As Detective are used.  Literature circles are implemented to better differentiate instruction.

    English: The English program includes grammar, writing, spelling, and speech (Holt, Rinehart, Winston text for 6th and 7th grades.)  Students utilize netbook computers and iPads to conduct research and complete writing assignments.

    Math: Emphasis is on computation, application, reasoning, and problem solving in conjunction with the use of technology and practice activities. (Grade 6 and 5 Honors – Pearson Envision 2.0; 6 Honors, Grade 7, and 7 Honors - Holt math.) 

    Science: The sixth grade curriculum focus is Integrated Science.   The seventh grade focus is Life and Physical Science.  Seventh grade is also presented supplementary instruction in general science.  Weekly experiments, projects, and hands-on activities enhance both curricula.  (Glencoe/McGraw Hill – 6th and 7th grade)

    Social Studies: Discussion and projects complement the study of world history for 6th grade and American history for 7th grade (Glencoe publishers.) Seventh graders compete in a state-wide Social Studies Fair.   Grades 6 and 7 participate in the National Geographic Geography Bee.

    ms Enrichment: Each day students are provided an enrichment class such as physical education, Spanish, or computer. 

    Individual Needs: This class meets the needs of identified students who need reinforcement, review, or minor classroom adjustments. Students attend this class instead of an enrichment class.

    Standardized Tests:  Standardized Tests are administered to students in grades 3-6.  Students in grades 1-7 receive standardized test preparation throughout the entire school year.  Children receive both classroom and home practice for strengthening reading comprehension strategies and skills.

    Standards and Benchmarks: Our textbook and curriculum grade level expectations are aligned with the Archdiocesan and State Standards and Benchmarks. This is a specific guideline for determining instruction of what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level.