Lower School Curriculum

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    Religion: The teaching of the Catholic faith is the most important function of our school.  Having opportunities for the students to participate and apply their faith is planned in all subject areas. Activities for developing our Catholic identity include prayer, service, and worship.  Each day the students receive instruction in religion using a curriculum designed by Sadlier publishers. The sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist are celebrated in the second grade.  Students in grades 2-7 attend adoration twice a year.  Students in every grade also participate in some type of service project.  All of the above activities help us to focus on our school motto, “Our eyes are fixed on the Lord.”

    Language Arts: Reading skills are taught in grades K-2 through a phonics based program (SuperKids by Zaner-Bloser Publishers). Writing skills, spelling, grammar, usage and mechanics are also part of the dynamic SuperKids program.  Reading skills are taught in grades 3-5 through a literature based series Wonders by McGraw Hill Publishers, enriched with supplementary reading. Participation in Accelerated Reader (computer monitored reading program) allows students (grades 2-5) to progress at their own reading pace and monitor their comprehension progress.  We also offer fifth grade honors literature for students who qualify.



    Math: This curriculum emphasizes computation, application, reasoning, and problem solving in conjunction with the use of a variety of manipulatives, technology, and practice activities. Instruction is consistently linked to situations relevant to the students’ everyday lives.  Pearson Envision 2.0 is the text used for grades K-6.  We also offer fifth grade honors math for students who qualify.

    Science/Social StudiesThese subjects are taught through text, technology,  and teacher generated study guides.  Hands-on activities and projects reinforce both subjects.  (The science texts are published by McGraw Hill, and the Social Studies texts are published by Scott Foresman.)


    Enrichment: Each day the students are provided an enrichment class such as physical education, library, computer, music, or French (grades 1-3) and Spanish (grades 4-7).  The Guidance Counselor also visits each class bi-weekly to discuss topics appropriate to each grade level.    ls  

    Individual NeedsThis class meets the needs of students who need extra reinforcement, review, or minor classroom adjustments. Project Read, a phonics based reading program, is used as a supplementary reading reinforcement in grades 1-3.  Children attend this class instead of an enrichment class of computer, music or library. 


    Standardized Testing: Standardized Tests are administered to students in grades 3-6.  Students in grades 1-7 receive standardized test preparation throughout the entire school year.  Children receive both classroom and home practice activities for strengthening reading comprehension strategies and skills.


    Standards and Benchmarks:  Our textbook and curriculum grade level expectations are aligned with the Archdiocesan and State Standards and Benchmarks. This is a specific guideline of instruction for what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level.